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Office Hours Monday, Sep 25 @ 9:00 AM
Praise Team Practice Monday, Sep 25 @ 6:30 PM
Journey in the Word Module Class Monday, Sep 25 @ 6:30 PM
Office Hours Tuesday, Sep 26 @ 9:00 AM
Tuesday Morning Ladies Bible Study Tuesday, Sep 26 @ 9:00 AM

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  Date: Sunday, September 17, 2017       Teacher: Dr. Cory Gonyo     Duration: 51 mins 20 secs    
Passage: Philippians 3:1-3       Series Philippians
  Description: “Safeguarding Your Salvation” Philippians 3:1-3 To safeguard your true salvation from false teachers 1. God Commands Us to _______________ in the Lord (v. 1) 2. This is All a _____________________ (v. 1) 3. False Religion Does Not Save (v. 2) a. _______________________________ b. _______________________________ c. _______________________________ 4. The TRUE Safeguard For Our Salvation (v. 3) a. _______________________________ see Romans 2:28-29 & Deuteronomy 30:6 b. _______________________________ see John 4:23-24; Romans 12:1-2 c. _______________________________ see Galatians 3:2 & Jeremiah 9:23-24 d. _______________________________
  Date: Sunday, September 10, 2017       Teacher: Dr. Cory Gonyo     Duration: 51 mins 28 secs    
Passage: Philippians 2:25-30       Series Philippians
  Description: “Regarding Heroes” Philippians 2:25-30 To highly regard heroes who sacrifice for the work of Christ 1. A Hero’s Testimony (v. 25) Paul describes Epaphroditus how? a. _______________________________ b. _______________________________ c. _______________________________ d. _______________________________ e. _______________________________ 2. A Hero’s Life (vv. 26-28) Epaphroditus is at God’s mercy & providence 3. A Hero’s Welcome (vv. 29-30) Highly regard “men like him” Why? see Acts 20:24; 1 Cor. 16:17-18; Phil. 4:10 4. The Church Regarding Heroes Why don’t we? Why should we?
  Date: Sunday, September 03, 2017       Teacher: Dr. Cory Gonyo     Duration: 49 mins 8 secs    
Passage: Philippians 2:19-24       Series Philippians
  Description: “Kindred Spirits In The Gospel” Philippians 2:19-24 To unite our spirits in the ministry of the gospel for others 1. True Fellowship of the Gospel (Phil 2:19-20, 22) Paul describes Timothy’s character in these ways: A. _____________________________________ “no one else” had this B. _____________________________________ C. _____________________________________ D. Timothy has __________________________ (v. 22) E. He served for the _______________ of the ___________ F. He served like a ____________serving his ____________ This is where true Christian joy comes from (Phil 1:18) Do these characteristics typify your life in Christ? 2. False “Fellowship” is False Christianity (Phil. 2:21) A. _____________________________________ Is this the “majority”? B. _____________________________________ see Phil 1:15, 17; 3:2-3, 18-19; 4:2 C. _____________________________________ 3. Which one of these WILL WE BE most like? In this thing called Christianity, what are you seeking after? Are the interests of Jesus Christ your top priority?
  Date: Sunday, August 27, 2017       Teacher: Dr. Cory Gonyo     Duration: 49 mins 42 secs    
Passage: Philippians 2:18       Series Philippians
  Description: “Share The Joy” Philippians 2:18 True Christian JOY comes from sharing in the advance of the gospel 1. Review of our Joyous Life in Christ Conduct Worthy of the Gospel (1:27-30) The Basis of Christian Joy (2:1) Unify (2:2) Be Humble (2:3) Serve Others (2:4) Think as Christ (2:5-11) Show Your Salvation (2:12-13) Do All Joyfully (2:14-17) 2. Share the Joy (2:18) Be__________________ in the ____________ _________ S__________________ your _______________ with me. See Matthew 5:11-12 How not to be a “Christian Scrooge” Mark 8:35 “For whoever wishes to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake and the gospel’s will save it. Psalm 126:6 He who goes to and fro weeping, carrying his bag of seed, Shall indeed come again with a shout of joy, bringing his sheaves with him. Conclusion: You can’t separate JOY from advance of the gospel!
  Date: Sunday, August 20, 2017       Teacher: Dr. Cory Gonyo     Duration: 41 mins 53 secs    
Passage: Philippians 2:14-17       Series Philippians
  Description: “Lights In The World” Philippians 2:14-17 How to be lights for Christ in the world! 1. Proven Followers of Christ are Joyful (2:14) Do _________ things without _______________ or ________________ 2. Proven Followers of Christ Are ... (Phil. 2:15-16) 1. ____________________________ 2. ____________________________ 3. ____________________________ 4. ____________________________ Where do Proven Followers Live? ___________________ Proven Followers are called what? ___________________ Proven Followers Do what? _________________________ Why? ______________________________ 3. Proven Followers of Christ Joyfully Trust God (v. 17) Paul’s humility leaves the outcome to God! We must trust God and obey Him in the present, knowing that He will work out His perfect will in and through us for the advancement of the gospel in the future, even if we can’t see what the future holds!! See Psalm 37:1-9
  Date: Sunday, August 13, 2017       Teacher: Pastor Brett Golightly     Duration: 47 mins 11 secs    
Passage: Philippians 2:12-13       Series Philippians
  Description: Working Out What God Put In Phil. 2:12-13 I. The Work That God Puts In -We literally work out (______) what God puts in (______). - Grace is _____ _______ because it not only says you ____ come to God through _____ _____, but that you can ____ him through the _____ work of Christ. - We love and cherish and extend the ___ to others because it is the only way we will have ____ ____ ____. II. The Work That We Put Out -_____ is the progressive work of ____ and ____ that makes us more and more from sin and like Christ in our ____ ____. Characteristics: ____ throughout life We ____ in the work Not ____ in this life ___ in some than in others -All those who ___ to the end ___ ___ ___. (Key: in the world to see; salvation; doubly important; cannot; approach; perfect; gospel; joy that lasts; sanctification; God; man; actual lives; continuous; cooperate; perfect; greater; endure; will be saved.)
  Date: Sunday, August 06, 2017       Teacher: Dr. Cory Gonyo     Duration: 52 mins 53 secs    
Passage: Philippians 2:5-11       Series Philippians
  Description: “Jesus Is Our Example” Philippians 2:5-11 Jesus Christ is our example to follow! 1. Have the same ______________ as _____________ (Phil. 2:6-8) v. 6 Jesus’ motive = v. 6 Jesus’ factual identity = v. 7 Jesus’ action = v. 8 Jesus’ factual appearance = v. 8 Jesus’ action = 2. How did Jesus do this? (Phil. 2:8) Jesus ___________________ Himself. Mark 9:33-35 3. God’s Reward to the Humble! (Phil. 2:9) Luke 14:7-11 So when we ________________ ourselves, God will _____________ us. Psalm 138:6; James 4:6; 1 Peter 5:5 4. The Result of All of This (Phil. 2:10-11) “The way up is down.” And God gets all the glory! Isaiah 45:23; Romans 14:11; Ephesians 1:10 Conclusion: Is Jesus Christ your example for how to live?
  Date: Sunday, July 30, 2017       Teacher: Dr. Cory Gonyo     Duration: 43 mins 10 secs    
Passage: Philippians 2:1-4       Series Philippians
  Description: “Living Out Christ” Philippians 2:1-4 Three Ways to Live Out Christ! 1. The Basis of Joy (Phil. 2:1) If Christ . . . then what? 2. If Christ, Then Unify (Phil. 2:2) How must we unify? 4 ways: 1. ____________________________ 2. ____________________________ 3. ____________________________ 4. ____________________________ 3. If Christ, Then Be Humble (Phil. 2:3) The Negative _________________________ The Positive _________________________ 4. If Christ, Then Serve Others (Phil. 2:4) The Negative _________________________ The Positive _________________________ Conclusion: Are you truly in Christ? Then how will you live for others?
  Date: Sunday, July 23, 2017       Teacher: Pastor Brett Golightly     Duration: 28 mins 37 secs    
Passage: Philippians 1:27-30       Series Philippians
  Description: “A Life that is Worthy” Philippians 1:27-30 I. Living a life that is worthy: - Standing firm with one mind - Striving side by side - Not being frightened II. Clear Sign - Who are the opponents? - What is the sign? III. Granted Belief and Suffering
  Date: Sunday, July 16, 2017       Teacher: Dr. Cory Gonyo     Duration: 47 mins 51 secs    
Passage: Philippians 1:22-26       Series Philippians
  Description: “Free To Serve” Philippians 1:22-26 What are you truly living for? 1. The Supremacy of Christ (Phil. 1:23b) What is “better” for Paul? What was Paul’s expectation once he died? Where does the believer in Jesus Christ go when they die? 2. The Priority of Helping Others See Christ (Phil. 1:22-26) What is “more necessary” for the church? (v. 24) What’s the main point of all of this? (v. 25) Who get’s the glory? (v. 26) Conclusion: What are you living for? Is your faith about yourself, or about Christ and others? Have you believed in Jesus Christ, His Cross, His resurrection? If so, you cannot help but to want others to know Jesus Christ! It’s all about the gospel!


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